ABR037 | Lärm Wolke – Back Forward (10.02.2020)

Soundcloud: @user-827069838

On ABR037 comes an EP on the market, which is rather untypical in its formation for today’s times and yet brings the spirit, in order to take on the big ones in the shark tank „Techno“. With Lärm Wolke, a very fresh artist makes his debut on Amber Blue, who does not give much information about himself, but rather lets his music speak for itself. And this is just great.

With the 3 productions of this EP, he shows impressively that he knows how to create a mix of sounds and percussive elements that is not only state-of-the-art but also absolutely suitable for dancing or dreaming. To the point, for home, the right party or the chill-out at home.

There is something for everyone and definitely makes you curious and makes you want more from this fresh artist. As you can see, this is a perfect sign to publish his music at Amber Blue and therefore in this case as well, welcome: Lärm Wolke.