Hello and thank you for your interest in sending us your demo!

We are always searching for exciting new music, but please note, that we would appreciate you avoiding sending us music without any understanding of our musical interests. If you’re not familiar with all Amber Labels, please take the opportunity to check them before sending your demo. Please be sure, that your sound fits to our Labels.

  • Amber Recordings – Techno
  • Amber Blue Recordings – Melodic
  • Amber Red Recordings – Tech-House & Deep-House

Our requirements are:

  1. High quality – 320kbit/s mp3
  2. All tracks have to be named properly, for example: Artist – Title (Original Mix / Remix).
  3. Don’t submit cuts, only full-length and fully finished tracks.
  4. Please send your music only in PRIVATE DOWNLOADABLE Soundcloud link(-s).

We will contact only succesful music submissions.

We listen to all demos that are submitted to us, but please respect that we might take time to respond. We will definitely contact you, if we are interested in your production. Reply to your submission could take up to two weeks. 

Pls send all demos to: