ABR038 | Maurice Camplair – The Lioness / Steppenreiter (09.03.2020)

Soundcloud: @maurice-camplair

The Amber family will continue to grow in 2020 and this time under the banner of the Amber Blue sub-label. An absolute newcomer to the business delivers two great melodic techno bombs with his two originals „The Lioness“ and „Steppenreiter“ and thus impressively makes a perfect debut in the large shark pool „Electronic Dance Music“. We’re talking about Maurice Camplair.

In addition to the two originals, there will be two really good remixes for this release. One remix comes from scene size Da Fresh. You don’t really have to imagine him big anymore, because this man has been with him for a long time and has already released his music on all the major labels in the world and his music speaks for itself and we are very proud to have him for this release.

The second remix comes from label boss Heinrich & Heine and does not really need any explanations and his interpretation rounds off this package very well and composes it in an impressive way.

Now we should let the music speak and just say. Welcome and welcome back: Maurice Camplair, Da Fresh and Heinrich & Heine