ABR042 | Bykox – Sweet Couple (06.07.2020)

Soundcloud: @glebbykox

It´s always a great pleasure to be able to offer talented and great artists a platform and so the Amber family, always enlarge with really great acts. This also applies to the new Amber Blue. Meanwhile number 42 and again a great example of the internationality of the Amber Artist Rooster.

With Bykox, a fresh new face from Ukraine has found its way onto Amber Blue and with its original „Sweet Couple“ he delivers a melodic track that does not quite meet the current standards, but will certainly find many friends. Great sound selection, great groove and a catchy main melody that won’t let go of you so quickly.

In addition, Köschk contributed a remix. He is the first artist from Lebanon to be able to sign Amber Blue Recordings and he packs the whole thing in his very own guise. Perfect interplay of sounds, groovy and absolutely to the point. Great debut by Beirut, as well as by the original artist Bykox.

One cannot wish for a better debut for both artists and so there is only one thing left to say. Welcome: Bykox & Köschk