ABR047 | Unseen. – Avenge (02.11.2020)

Soundcloud: @unseen_djs

After their insane debut on Amber Recordings, the paths diverged for the time being and the likeable US-Americans worked on their sound and also made a change of style. Now that they have found their sound and have arrived in Melodic Techno & House through great releases, they suddenly got in touch again and so they are back in the Amber Family, but this time on Amber Blue Recordings. Welcome back: Unseen.

Where their earlier releases were more about techno with melody and a higher beat count, now it’s all about melody, feeling and groovyness. They found the perfect balance between all these elements and so „Avenge“ is a really great track that perfectly reflects this genre. Just great.

There are two remixes to go with the original. The first one comes from Timo Veranta, who just celebrated Amber Blue debut with his Buddy Henheimer. He approaches the whole thing in his usual quiet, groovy and partly playful style, before there is a drop later on, which is really dancefloor oriented and triggers feelings of happiness. Absolutely hit suspicion. Just like the second remix by Amber Family newcomer Keistep. He has been drawing attention to himself with his releases lately and delivers a great addition with his interpretation. Trancy, soulful and reduced to the bare essentials. More of that.

All in all a mega package that makes you want more and therefore a warm „Hello“ to all 3 acts on Amber Blue 047