ABR048 | Herr Oppermann – Never Ending (23.11.2020)

Soundcloud: @herroppermannhh

It’s always nice to be able to present so-called local heroes on one of our labels. This shows that besides the great internationality, we still know where our base is and Amber Blue catalog number 048 is a great example of that.

Herr Oppermann is such a local hero and plays all important events in Hamburg and Northern Germany and the contact was established early on through events, but now we are getting together on the label side and Herr Oppermann is making his debut in the Amber Family.

With „Never Ending“ he delivers a very melancholic seeming production, which doesn’t quite correspond to the current sound standard and therefore is very good and absolutely audible and playable. Melody, groove and a break that couldn’t be more beautiful characterize his production and make it special and that in a very good sense.

Just like the two label returnees, who also belong to the local heroes and make this release almost a „Hamburg Special“. With Birkenlauber and Fabs#, two well-known names are represented with remixes that perfectly reflect their current definition of their sound and thus are perfect additions to the original.

Great and now enough words, let the music speak and just say: Welcome Herr Oppermann and welcome back: Birkenlauber & Fabs#