ABR049 | Gabi Urzay – Heze / Origin (07.12.2020)

Soundcloud: @gabii-urzay

After his great debut on Amber Recordings, Gabi Urzay now follows up on Amber Blue and comes up with two absolutely great productions, which couldn’t represent the genre „Melodic Techno & House“ better.

With his Amber release he already proved that he has a fine hand for the interaction of sounds, melody, percussions and arrangement. But he had sent two more slightly reduced demos, it was clear: he is one of the few artists who will release on both Amber and Amber Blue Imprints.

„Heze“ & „Origin“ are two great productions that couldn’t show the current sound in the genre better. Gabi knows how to merge the different parts into one with his skills and that on a high production standard.

Perfect for Amber Blue and therefore of course Welcome back: Gabi Urzay