ABR057 | Allex – Mastermind / Renegade (22.02.2021)

Soundcloud: @allex

The second new face in 2021 on Amber Blue celebrates his debut and delivers with his 2-tracker „Mastermind“ and „Renegade“ two absolutely bombs from the field of „Melodic Techno“. Both productions perfectly reflect the current sound of this segment and it is great to see that more and more Amber Blue artists are successful with it.

This will certainly be the case for Allex, who has already drawn attention to himself with several releases and shows both of his musical sides here. On the one hand, with „Mastermind“, which drills a little smoother into the auditory canals and then, as a contrast, „Renegade“, which is completely geared towards the dancefloor with a lot of drive.

All in all, a great release and thus a great debut. A warm welcome: Allex