ABR060 | Better Than Lex – Jijivisha / Alebrije (05.04.2021)

Soundcloud: @better_than_lex

A new addition marks number 060 in the Amber Blue Recordings catalogue. Better Than Lex celebrates a perfect debut with his 2-tracker „Jijivisha“ & „Alebrije“. Melodic techno at its best awaits you on this release and shows that Better Than Lex knows how to combine groove, melody and extraordinary vocals like no other.

In addition to the two originals, one of which was created in collaboration with Monse Pat, there will be a great Sexxta remix of „Jijivisha“ on this release, which completes the package and makes it a real highlight.

A great release and as you would expect from us, we would like to say a warm welcome: Better Than Lex, Monse Pat and Sexxta