ABR067 | Ole Sieber – Humanoid / Recovery incl. SPNYRD & Herr Oppermann Remixes (13.08.2021)

Soundcloud: @olesieber

The Amber Music Label Group has become known for presenting fresh and up-and-coming artists as well as world-famous acts, producers and remixers. It is exactly this mixture that makes it special, but it is always something more special when a release can be presented exclusively from artists from the homebase, i.e. the hometown. This is the case with catalogue number 67 from Amber Blue Recordings.

Ole Sieber celebrates his great debut on Amber Blue with his two originals „Humanoid“ and „Recovery“ and he really is an electronic artist through and through. Actually a live act, with a special breeze, make him something outstanding to many other Dj’s or acts. Just great and that’s why you should definitely keep an eye on him and his music.

Just like the two remixers. SPNYRD also celebrates his debut on Amber Blue and delivers a real melodic techno banger with his remix of „Humanoid“ and shows impressively that he is a super producer and certainly an act you will hear a lot more of. As far as one can still say that, since he has actually already released his music on many important labels of the scene.

The second remixer is no stranger and is slowly but surely becoming a permanent member in the Amber family. We are talking about Herr Oppermann. After his solo single and his contribution to Amber Blue’s big 5-year anniversary record, he now returns with a remix of a different kind. He packs „Recovery“ into a breaky, melodic garb and gives the theme a very own guise and makes this remix something special.

This release is really great and it is always superb to be able to place artists from the immediate vicinity on the market. Definitely more of it please and a warm welcome to all 3 guys: Ole Sieber, SPNYRD & Herr Oppermann