ABR105 | Mark Synth – Some Kind Of / Organic Universe (30.06.2023)

Soundcloud: @mark-synth

The Amber Family continues to grow, and in addition to four international artists, it´s always nice to be able to present acts from our own country. This is the case with catalogue number 105 from Amber Blue Recordings.

Mark Synth celebrates his grandiose debut with a great 2-tracker and moves absolutely on the pulse of time. „Some Kind Of“ and „Organic Universe“ are soulful productions that nevertheless haven’t lost sight of their suitability for the dancefloor and thus represent a perfect symbiosis. Either just listen or just party to it. Just as you like.

With this, we say hello to Mark Synth to the Amber Family and surely there will be a lot more to hear from him in the future. Like always, a warm welcome: Mark Synth