ABR109 | Serioes & Legendaer x Little Duracell – See You In The Dark (28.07.2023)

Soundcloud: @s-und-l-official

Another German addition expands the Amber Music Label Group’s portfolio and celebrates a great entry on Amber Blue Recordings. We are talking about Serioes & Legendaer. After several releases on different labels, he has now teamed up with Little Duracell and delivers a melodic vocal production with „See you in the Dark“, which will surely meet many fans.

Catchy vocals and a sound framework that can be classified in the genre of melodic techno make this combination an almost summery track, if it weren’t for the gloomy lyrics.

All in all, a good combination and predestined for a release slot on Amber Blue Recordings. That’s why there’s not much left to say, except welcome: Serioes & Legendaer x Little Duracell