ABR114 | Gleb Bykox – Bubble Gum (20.10.2023)

Mixcloud: @glebbykox

It´s always nice when artists return to the Amber family with new productions after a long time. This is also the case here.

After his debut in 2022 with melodic techno, Gleb Bykox now returns to Amber Blue Recordings and has further developed his sound. With his latest production, he now moves more into the genre of indie dance. A bit more monotonous, rough and reserved at first, „Bubble Gum“ shows its true class on the dancefloor. Absolutely to the floor and driving, which is not immediately apparent.

A somewhat special release on Amber Blue, but once again shows the versatility and not always just the same well-worn sound. Therefore with full joy, welcome back: Gleb Bykox