ABRR001 | NativeOrigin303 – Take Note / Shook (16.03.2020)

Soundcloud: @nativeorigin303

After Amber, Amber Blue is now the third label from Amber Music comin´up. Amber Red is committed to the pure tech house sound and will surely find a large crowd of fans with international producers.

It starts with NativeOrigin303 from Denver / USA. When Brandon Lee, as he is known by his real name, started DJing in the late 90s, ravers could go to an underground party to hear different types of electronic music. At a time when producers are following fads more than ever, he has set himself the task of reviving the old mood and this is impressively reflected in his sets and, above all, productions.

So with „Shook“ and „Take Note“ comes a tech house mega release as ABRR001 and is an impressive start to the new label. Please welcome Amber Red Recordings.