ABRR014 | Alexis Samaan – Are You Feeling This? (07.05.2021)

Soundcloud: @alexissamaan

There are only a few artists who release their music on more than one of our labels within the Amber Music Label Group. Alexis Samaan is one of them. After his great debut on Amber Blue he now makes his big debut on Amber Red.

Unmistakable his signature and his trancy elements, which you already know from his melodic productions. But now paired with an almost oldschool house percussion bass framework, this number grooves with its highs and lows absolutely unique and therefore fits soundwise better to Amber Red Recordings.

That’s why he is now represented on 2 labels and absolutely rightly so, because his productions are always a lot of fun, are „on point“ and always a guarantor for „Quality Electronic Music“. Welcome back: Alexis Samaan