AMLG006 | Vince Black – Blasphemia (Album) (04.11.2022)

Soundcloud: @vinceblackmusic

It´s one of the few albums we have released with the label group so far. It´s always something special and also for the artist always a highlight. Especially in today’s time, where the medium album no longer plays such a big role as a few years ago.

Nevertheless, we are proud to welcome a new face in the label group and certainly with music that you do not get to hear so often with us. Techno in its purest form. Sometimes dark, sometimes trancy, sometimes melancholic, but always with the tendency to the dancefloor characterize „Blasphemia“. Good productions meet contemporary sounds and good arrangements.

Absolutely successful and certainly a candidate to generate many fans and also to rock the dancefloors of the world. A warm welcome: Vince Black