AMLG017 | Cactus James – Sleep Talking (14.07.2023)

Soundcloud: @cactus-james-music

Within the label group, AMLG is open to a wide variety of electronic styles and dares to go different ways than on the labels that stand for their respective styles.

A perfect example of this is „Sleep Talking“ by Cactus James, who celebrates his grandiose debut in the Amber Family with this production and precisely this release marks the beginning of a real release marathon within the label group until the end of 2023.

„Sleep Taling“ is a commercially inspired progressive house production with a well-known sample and makes clear where the journey is heading, namely directly onto the dancefloors and into the playlists of this electronic world.

This makes you want more and, as already mentioned, there’s a lot more to come. For this catalogue number 017 from the house of Amber Music Label Group, however, all that remains to be said is. A warm welcome: Cactus James