AR062 | Krüger+Meyer – Excuse (17.08.2020)


Techno in its latest form, great remixes and absolute potential to land in many playlists, DJ sets or anything else. If you’ve earned so much advance laurels, everything seems to be right. And that’s exactly how it is with Amber062 from Krüger + Meyer.

The original comes out mystical and dark and is certainly an absolute weapon on every techno dance floor. The same applies to the remix by techno veteran Daniel Boon. You don’t really have to say anything about his person, nor about his remix. To the point and in its latest and purest form. Great. Like the remix by Toby Dreher. He packs the whole thing in a rather melodic robe, also mystical and a bit slower than the predecessors, but on a par and an absolute alternative to the other two versions.

Amber Recordings has been expanded with a great release and with 3 new names on the label also great new members in the Amber family have been added. Welcome: Krüger + Meyer, Daniel Boon and Toby Dreher.