AR105 | Tibecorti – Spoken Relaxation (09.02.2024)

Soundcloud: @tibecorti

The follow-up single was a long time coming, but now the time has finally come. The two buddies, who live out their love of peak-time techno here, have teamed up again and are finally delivering a new single after 2021.

You can definitely hear the next step in terms of production, and with up-to-date sounds and a contemporary structure, „Spoken Relaxation“ is very fresh and contemporary. Perfectly suited to the current techno scene and perfectly designed for the dancefloor, this Amber Recordings release is sure to find its fans and increase its audience.

We’re talking about Tibecorti and before we welcome them back, as usual, all that remains to be said is that hopefully it won’t be another 3 years before a new single is released. So welcome back: Tibecorti.