AR108 | Julius Friedemann x Niqo Sanvt – Galaksija EP (26.04.2024)

Soundcloud: @juliusfriedemann

Soundcloud: @niqosanvt

After his debut in the Amber Family, with a remix for label head Heinrich & Heine on his own label, Julius Friedemann is now returning with a collaboration. This time, however, on Amber Recordings and so catalogue number 108 actually marks a double debut for two great acts.

Julius and his mate Niqo Sanvt have teamed up to produce a two-track EP that packs a punch. Following the trend, they combine some psychedelic sounds with a deep, minimal groove and then crown the whole thing with great pads and melodies in the break.

They achieve this perfectly in both originals and make this release a real treat for all lovers of this genre. So there’s not much left to say except welcome back, Julius, and welcome, Niqo Sanvt